How does Shift Management Work?

Here is how you can manage leave in Max, follow these simple steps:

To Create Shift Template:

Go  to the Dashboard:

Click on the “Shift Calendar” tab to manage and create shift templates.

Create Shift Template:

To create a shift template, click on the “Shift Template” option.

Add Shift:

Within the shift template interface, click “Add Shift.”

Insert Shift Details:

Provide a descriptive shift name, select a color to indicate the shift visually, and specify the starting and ending times for the shift.

Add Shift:

Click “Add Shift” to save the newly created shift.

Assign Shift to Employee:

Go back to the “Shift Calendar” tab.

Assign Shift to Employee:

Click on the specific day in the calendar corresponding to the employee you want to assign the shift.

Choose Shift:

Select the desired shift from the available options.

Shift Assigned:

The shift is now assigned to the selected employee for the chosen day.

Publish Assigned Shift:

Publish Shift:

To make the assigned shift visible to the employee, click on the “Publish” button.

Congratulations! You have successfully managed shifts in MAX.

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