Reports – User

Reports - User

In Catalyst, we divide data into reports that are simple to use, filter, and alter to provide the precise information you require. You may see how much time each/all users spend working, how much time each/all users spend working on a project, how much time a single user spent working on a job site, and more. You can even generate a report that shows how much time each user spends idle.

Our robust reporting section gives you a variety of choices for creating reports and viewing data within your company.

To begin, go to the Reports area of the sidebar.

Clicking on the Filter button will let you choose which filters you’d like to apply.
For this report, you can filter the data by clients, projects, members, or to-dos.
Send Email
Let’s you send the generated report to an email recipient. You can send the reports to multiple recipients by separating email addresses with commas.
Allows you to schedule a report to be sent. You can choose to send the report in CSV or PDF formats, and choose the date range, frequency, and delivery time of the report.
Let’s export the generated report in CSV or PDF format.
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