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Service Request

● What is a service request?
Service request helps managing different requests of users in an organization efficiently. There are several types of requests like customer queries, reporting problems or incidents. Whereas an organization, the service requests modify into letters or documents that are requested by the employees working in the organization such as NOC, passport, salary transfer, experience letter or any other miscellaneous letter.
Request Fulfillment
Request fulfillment is all about empowering employees by giving them access to the IT services they require to be productive. It should assist users in identifying available services, comprehending how to request them, and establishing expectations for how long requests will take to be addressed. In organizations with a high volume of service requests, it’s best to handle them as a separate work stream – and to record and manage them as a separate record type.
● User Drop Letter Request
MeetMax allows users to drop their requests easily. You can simply drop your requests to the HR from this place without any hassle of writing long emails. 1. On the user dashboard, go to the HRM section and select Service Request. 2. Service request shows all the previous and current requests if any exists. 3. To generate a new request, select a new request. 4. Open a popup to select the type of request. 5. Click on Service to choose one option. 6. Drop note for approver if required. 7. Click on Request to submit. 8. Your recently submitted request appears in the request list that shows attributes of document type, requested date, status and note for approver.
● Service request management as an Admin
Managing requests in MeetMax as an admin is a simple and straightforward process of approving and selecting requests to fulfill. 1. Firstly you should login as an admin. 2. Open service request from the dashboard. 3. A list of all previous submitted service requests is available. If there are no past requests no requests will appear. 4. A single service request by an employee shows following attributes such as name, type of document, requested date, status, notes, and action.
5. As an admin you have rights to approve or reject the request on the basis of different circumstances. 6. To approve a request, go to the Action column and click on the Arrow to upload the required document to fulfill the request. 7. Respond to the request by selecting Upload Document and Note for Employee.
8. To reject the request, click on the bin icon and then click on Reject.
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