I want to Add & Process Payroll, What do I do?

Here is how you can add & process payroll on Max, follow these simple steps:

Go to the Dashboard:

Click on the “Payroll” tab to initiate payroll-related activities.

Create Payroll:

Within the Payroll section, click on the “Create” button to start the payroll creation process.

Insert Event Name and Dates:

In the payroll creation interface, provide an event name for reference. Select the dates for the payroll duration and the designated pay date.

Click Create:

After entering the necessary details, click the “Create” button to proceed.

Review Hours:

Navigate to the “Review Hours” tab to assess the worked hours of employees.

Review Leave Pay:

Click “Next” to move to the leave pay review section. Ensure all leave-related payments are accurate.

Review Additional Pay:

Continue by clicking “Next” to review any additional pay components. Verify the details thoroughly.

Review Payroll:

Carefully review the entire payroll, including hours worked, leave pay, and any additional payments.

Approve Payroll:

Once satisfied, click “Approve” to process the payroll. This action signifies that the payroll has been successfully processed and approved.

A confirmation message will indicate that the payroll has been successfully processed and approved.

View Payroll:

To view the processed payroll, click “Go back to payroll” on the interface. This will provide access to detailed information about the processed payroll.

Congratulations! You have successfully  added, reviewed, and processed payroll.

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