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How do I Login or Signup my Catalyst account?

As a user or admin, you can simply add your relevant email address and password to proceed with logging in to the desktop app.
Sign Up
To sign up, you need to create an account either as a new organization or by joining an existing organization. Whereas creating a new organization is accessible to the admin i.e. owner of the company or the person who has subscribed to our monthly plan. While the user i.e. employee in the organization can join the existing organization by adding the unique ID in the next steps.
Add your details like Full Name, Email Address, and Password. Once you read and checked the terms and conditions, the registration process is started.
Add your unique organization ID and send a request to your organization owner so they can add you as a team member in their organization.
Once the request has been sent, you will get registered as soon as your organization owner approves, meanwhile you can download the desktop app that won’t take more than minutes.
My Account Walkthrough
You can have an account walkthrough by clicking on the below link:
Password Reset and Change Password
If you wish to change to password, you can change it from the account settings directly.
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